Cover Fonting Special Offer

Here’s a new service I’ve decided to offer people for August/September only.
Just PM me.
For $20, if you send me an image you want as a cover, the genre of your book, and the title/author/subtitle, I’ll do the fonting for you.
Here are a few I’ve done in the past.
I have a reasonable concept of what makes a good design. I had a designer with 25 years’ experience tell me that I’m “one of those annoying people with a natural sense of how fonts and fonting work.”

Now, the big one…

We just finished a job for a client in Melbourne. One of my wonderful staff editors did a great job on the final proof, and the Kindle ebook I just created from the manuscript turned out perfect.

Now, on to the BIG job. A manuscript of 110,000 words.

Remember… write your novel!


When To Pick Up The Phone

“As an editor, much of my correspondence with my authors is written. I send edit letters, line-edit manuscripts, and send e-mails following up on questions from my authors. However, there always comes a point where we pick up the phone and talk it out. I find that those moments are some of the most productive moments in the life of a book.

After having several productive phone calls with authors over the past few weeks, I remembered what a wonderful tool the telephone is and figured I would give some suggestions on when to just pick up the phone and have a conversation.”

via When To Pick Up The Phone.


US Tax for Aussie publishers…

Non-US Self-Publisher? Tax Issues Don’t Need to be Taxing

“As many of you will know, Amazon and Smashwords are required by law to withhold 30% of the royalties earned by non-US authors until they settle their tax status. The commonly accepted method of doing so was going through the laborious process of getting an International Tax Identification Number (ITIN), which necessitates arcane form-filling, notarized copies of passports, embassy trips, fees, and inexplicable rejection (writers should at least be used to the last part). And indeed, this was the path I was on myself, up until yesterday.

In the last few weeks, I had heard some mutterings that there was an easier, quicker way, but hadn’t had time to look into it.”


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‘Publishing has gone mad’: literary world rocked by moves at HarperCollins and Penguin – Books – Arts – London Evening Standard

‘”Not a good week for women” is how one leading literary agent described it. This week two of the most powerful women in the London books trade, Dame Gail Rebuck and Victoria Barnsley, stepped down from their posts within 24 hours of each other. On Tuesday night, Barnsley abruptly departed as UK and international chief executive of HarperCollins after a brutal management shake-up by proprietor Rupert Murdoch. A day earlier, Dame Gail Rebuck stepped back from day-to-day control of Random House after the merger with Penguin was completed.’

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Dealing with late payment of invoices – getting over the awkwardness – FreeAgent

“One of the toughest things about running a small business is dealing with non-payment on invoices – unpaid invoices can cause a big disruption for your cash flow, and because you don’t have a finance department to do the chasing for you, you often find yourself in the awkward position of chasing the same client that you’ve built a relationship with.”

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